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This Game is too Big to be Played on your Smartphone

Vikrant Gupta
3 years ago

About Game

There are a lot of big games available on Play Store like PUBG Asphalt NFS Mobile legends GTA Batman and so on, but the throne of a king is made to be ruled only by one, and the supreme deity of them is interestingly none.

The game I am going to name will probably be something you have never heard of before, not because of a low rating bad graphics or gameplay but to the reason that it simply is never going to pop in your play store search.

Yes, You heard it right! This game is supported only by approximately 1% of the total smartphones of the world just because of its sheer size and RAM requirement and offers the best of best gaming experience among all android games that you have played so far. The game I am talking about today is - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

MGSR Storyline

The Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is a console cloned game that brings an exciting console-like action and experience right into your smartphone, featuring an epic game story that melts perfectly with its gameplay. 

The game story revolves around a child, named Raiden who has accidentally transformed into a half-human half-robot, a cyborg who cuts everything using his special katana blade that dares to come in his path of vengeance.

Minimum Requirement

The most important requirement for this game is 4GB of Free RAM and not available RAM. If you don't know how to check it read this article. The article covers everything you need to know about difference between RAM of a Desktop and a Smartphone ,with the reason why Desktops are faster than any costly smartphone even with less RAM and processing power.


If you manage to play this game in your smartphone which seems to be unlikely. Do come, and comment below in our post, or over our Facebook page and let us know which device you're using.

Not Working? Here is a crack

Mobile devices are getting better day by day with more powerful and capable chipsets they ever had, and I just can't find a single reason why we need specifically a Tegra processor to play any hardcore game in a modern smartphone. To solve this issue we have got a crack with us.

here is crack to play console-based android games on any modern capable smartphone.

Direct Link

If you are unable to find Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in your play store. Click here a direct route to the play store page.



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