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Soon, google assistant will be able to identify your voice

3 months ago

A detailed analysis of the google app for android has yielded possible insights on future enhancement to the google assistant feature. obviously, such in depth exploration of the APKs aren't true, and it's possible that certain features won't be included in subsequent versions at all. 

Anyway, it is great to see Google taking another giant stride in improving their excellent assistant competence. If you opt in for a better Google Assistant experience, the system appears to save and analyze your own voice for a more "Personalized speech recognition."

Google Assistant could soon learn to recognize your voice

Once it is live, the app will begin storing audio on your phone in order to fine-tune the speech recognition model to adapt to the way you speak as well as your frequent questions. For the remainder of the Assistant's questions, it would function as a type of extension of the federated learning model for the Hey Google term, which was released in March 2021.

Storing and analyzing one's speech will improve reaction time and accuracy since the Google Assistant will become familiar with the user's voice and frequently used words. The assistant will also have access to Google's servers, which will be used to collect and analyze summaries of other users' speech models. Most likely, the functionality will enable more advanced command and contact name recognition.

Of course, because of privacy concerns, Google is anticipated to give an option that allows you to opt out of personalized speech recognition if you don't want your voice preserved elsewhere.



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