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Google Assistant New Features; track iPhone, order food and more.

ifrah tasneem
2 years ago

Google has added new features to its Assistant to signify the arrival of the spring season. These features help users deal with issues that they may encounter around the home. Users will now be able to find their smartphones, including iPhones, easily at home and, among other things, will be able to order food in a few steps. 

Here is the list of new features added to the Google Assistant-

Find your smartphone

Google Assistant has been said to offer a feature that will enable iPhone users to find their lost iPhone. Android users have been using this feature for a long time. According to the MacRumors report, it will have the same features as Apple's on 'Find My System'. Only those users who will have Google Assistant Smart Speaker and Google Home App for iOS will be able to take benefit of this feature. Only then they will be able to locate their lost devices. 

With the help of Google Smart Home devices, when asked, O Google, Find My Phone, it will be alert. After this, Google Home App will send notification and critical alert on iPhone even the device is in silent or DND mode. 

Order Food

You can also order food online in a few simple steps from your favourite restaurant. For this, you can google for the restaurant, select what you want to order and, with the Google App on Android, choose 'Order Online' or 'Order Pickup'. The Assistant from Chrome Autofill makes a final confirmation for payment and place the order using stored information from Google Pay.

New Routine for Smart Home Devices

Google has released a new sunrise/sunset routine feature for Smart home appliances. These routines use the user's location and select pre-defined time-bound tasks for the activation or deactivation and functioning of smart devices. For instance, when the sun sets, you can ask to turn on your living room lights. 

Apart from this, you can also ask Google about this year's Oscars and check the predictions or where the event will take place.



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