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Apple Watch exceeded 100 million users.

ifrah tasneem
2 years ago

It has been five years since Apple Watch was released and soon it became everyone's favourite. Surprisingly, 4.2 million watches were sold in the second quarter of the budget year 2015, and now more than 100 million people were counted to use an Apple Watch.

The analysis by Neil Cybart at Above Avalon says, "It took five-and-a-half years for the Apple Watch installed base to surpass 100 million people." The analyst concludes that with 100 million users, the Apple Watch is the fourth-largest device of the company grow after the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

About 35% of iPhone users are pairing their iPhones with the Apple Watch to adopt a wearable lifestyle in the US market rapidly. Looking ahead, Cybert foresees Apple Watch sales to grow even more as Apple releases innovative features, such as unlocking the iPhone with the Apple Watch while wearing a face mask.



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