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Limit Screen Time on Android-iPhone.

ifrah tasneem
2 years ago

Due to Corona, there is a situation of lockdown in different parts of the country. In such a situation, people start using their smartphones more. Not much screen time is considered healthy for fitness. Its effect is not only on the eyes but also physical activity is reduced. If you want, you can limit screen time on your Android and iPhone.

Digital Wellbeing on Android

Google had announced a Digital Wellbeing tool with Android Pie that helps users stop their smartphone addiction. The app provides a dashboard that shows your time spent on various apps. If you want, you can limit the screen time with the help of the App Timer feature. 

  • First of all, see if the phone has a digital wellbeing app. If not, download it from the Google Play Store. Go to the phone settings and select 'Digital Wellbeing and Parental Control' or open the app from the app drawer directly.
  • After this, the dashboard will appear under 'Way to Disconnect'; tap on it. These apps will appear in the same order, the order in which you use them the most. 
  • Now tap on that app, for which you want to limit the screen time. In the settings, you will see the app timer. After tapping on it, you can set the start and end time. Tap OK after the time setting. Then after the scheduled time, you will be able to use the app only the next day. If you want, you can also disable the timer by going to the settings of the app. 

Screen Time Limit on iPhone

There is also in-built features to limit screen time for iPhone users. 

  • Go to the Settings in the iPhone to limit the screen time. Tap on the 'Screen Time' feature in the settings. After that, find the options with app limits and then tap on them. Now tap on 'Add Limit' at the bottom of the menu. 
  • Here you can select the apps on which you want to limit screen time. There is a facility to select categories- like internet networking etc. If you wanna set the screen time limit on all apps, select "All Apps and Categories".
  • Tap on the 'Next' on the right side of the top of the screen. Set the time for the apps to be used. In the end, click on the 'Add' option at the top of your screen. In this way, one can limit the screen time here. 

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