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How COVID-19 Phase 4 can kill and entire human population

Vikrant Gupta
4 years ago

Phases of Corona Virus (COVID 19)

The COVID-19 outbreak has already affected a million people around the world, killed more than 50,000 people, and has truncated more than 1% of total world GDP. COVID-19 is the most critical bio attack humans have ever faced since their existence, which has devastated the lives of more than a billion people around the world. While everybody is well aware of how it spreads and precautions taken to prevent them from corona attack, only a few know about Phases of Death a viral attack like COVID-19 is classified.

Stay with us and find out everything about Phases of COVID-19, you will be surprised to know how Phase 4 can destroy an entire country as you might have seen in movies like Resident Evil.

Phase 1 - Incubation Phase

Phase 1 is also called the commencing of the virus. In this phase, the virus actively infects humans, and the mode of spreading remains unknown. People come in contact with the virus and get infected. There is a direct link being between coming in contact with the virus and being infected.

Phase 1 is an initial state of the epidemic and is limited to only one country. The only people who are found positive with infection abroad are those who have traveled from an infected country to other countries.

Phase 2 - Delay Phase

In phase 2, people who got infected with the virus starts spreading the infection to other people. The people who are likely to catch infection are family members and friends of infected people. 

Those who have traveled abroad actively spread the infection to other people around - friends, family members, and colleagues. The main source of infection are people who got infected being in direct contact with the virus.

At this point, The virus source is recognized, and the virus is isolated. Phase 2 is when scientists actively start looking for a cure

Schools, offices, hotels, and shops are closed. Large scale gatherings like sports, festivals are canceled, people are encouraged to work from home, and the Government of countries starts taking decisions like lockdown to prevent the virus attack from entering into Phase 3.

Phase 3 - Community Spread

Phase 3 is also known as Community Spread as large areas of a country get infected with the virus, and the mortality rate spikes high.

In this phase, family members, and friends of the infected person start to spread the infection to other people, and those people, in turn, spread the infection to their family members' friends and so on.

Thousands of Lakhs of people get rolled up in the epidemic, and the country suffers from a big social and economic loss.

Italy and Spain are currently in Phase 3 of the COVID-19 epidemic, and the mortality rate is already more than 500/day.

In Phase 3, The government imposes military action to control the wide-spread epidemic and critical law enforcement is seen.

Phase 4 - Phase Mitigate

Phase 4 is essentially the worst case of any viral infection whose vaccine is still not developed. The viral infection is announced as wide-spread, and everything gets closed. Mortality rates poke sky high and 

Hospitals and medical services are halted, most of the Police enforcement is being called off, and what left is limited to dealing with only serious crimes, and maintaining public order.

This phase ensures that the most valuable people of society are protected, and health workers are supported by the inevitable surge in demand. The rest all is left for the recovery phase.

Corona Phase 5 - Recovery Phase

This phase is all about natural healing. Antibodies start to develop inside people infected with the virus, and though a lot of people die many manage to live, and the human race develops resistance to the virus-like COVID-19.

Phase 5 is more like Darwinism theory, The survival of the Best.


COVID-19 is the most dangerous threat humans have ever seen. The only way to stop this chain of infection is to stop physical contact. Avoid coming in contact with any person outside of your house. Take special precautions while dealing with a person having a cold, headache or fever.

Frequently wash your hands with soap or sanitizer and most important of all Stay At Home.


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