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Here is why curved screens are useless

Neha Verma
4 years ago

The Beginning

It all started with Samsung Note Edge back in 2014, When Samsung boldly introduced its new design concept. The single curved display was like a fresh breeze of air to me since all brands were following a single boring design philosophy, the design was nowhere near perfection but it took our expectation to an all new level. 

A year later with S6 Edge, Samsung replaced the single curve of note Edge with a symmetric more refined dual curved display. It was beautiful, it still looks beautiful to me even today, in fact S7 Edge and S8 were even more astonishing, but do they really add any value and practicality to our usage?

If you ask me. I will say a big No! Curved displays are just a compromise Companies are making to offer us a more eye-catching device, but at what cost? Today, in this article, I am going to share my own experience with curved displays and below are some reasons you should consider before buying a smartphone with curved display.

1. Fragile

No body can prove me wrong over this point, each and every person who owns a curved smartphone knows how fragile their screen is. Adding curves to sides makes a phone narrower, and prettier but in turn you have to compromise with durability as your phone is now more likely to hit floor with its screen rather than its frame or edge.

Some people will argue, why not use a back cover and stop complaining like I do. Well if you are using a back cover you are taking away the only thing that a curved smartphone is good at. Its looks.

2. Incompatible Case and Temper Guards

Another issue I face as an owner of curved screen is that I just can’t find a good compatible temper guard in the market. Curved screens require a special type of temper guard, they don’t work with full glue and no matter how costly your screen guard is, it will eventually fall off in a week or month maybe, if you are lucky.

I spent a lot of money on this screen guards until I decided not to use one.

Covers are easy to get, no complains here but, most of them will cover curved area, resulting in a gap, the gap will accumulate dust and dust will help you spend more on a screen guard as there is no full air sealed temper available for curved screens yet, and there always will be a noticeable gap between screen and temper on corners. Dust tends to stick with glue and give it a flu.

3. Ghost Touches

The beautiful screen is curved all the way to its edge and, I bet, if you can use these phones for an entire day without a single ghost touch. I am a hardcore gamer and I just hate this ghost touches more than anything I have told you before. So if you are a hardcore gamer or planning to buy one for gaming purpose, keep yourself away.

4. Costly Repairs

Have you ever broken your curved smartphone? I hope you haven’t because, repair cost will bring you another mid-range smartphone. Curved screens are costly to produce and these companies aren’t going to show you any sympathy unless you have your one-time free screen replacement claim.

Initially I though these high cost screen repairs are temporary as curved screens are relatively new and new technologies are expensive until and unless they are being produces on large scale, which takes some time. But even after 6 years I don’t see any concession in repair cost. It is as high as it was and doesn’t seem to be going down anywhere.

5. Lack of Practicality

Is there any practical usage of curved screen? Ok! They are beautiful, they look cool and eye popping but, is there any specific thing you can do with a curved screen that you can go wrong with an ordinary flat-screens. Think for a minute, just think it out for yourself. It’s No! right?  Unless there is something that you can do only with a curved display there is no actual application.

Android is fully-customizable, you can add anything anywhere. You can easily add features available on a curved screen into your flat screen smartphone with just few clicks. There is substitute for everything over Google Play Store and,  I don’t see if there is any possibility for something to come that only a curved screen could do.

Current Trend

Started by Samsung many companies have joined this wagon. OnePlus 7Pro and Huawei Mate are recent addition to the list.  But there is something noticeable here, While companies like OPPO are going even further and making crazy curved displays like their recently launched Waterfall Display in OPPO Find Y, Samsung itself is taking a U-Turn from its own curved innovation.

S6 Edge and S7 Edge were heavily curved, They made curves subtle with S8 and even more subtle on S9 and S10. Recently launched S20 is least curved of them all and is almost close to flat screen. Samsung has felt that curved displays aren’t worth anything and this time, they are focusing on practicality.

We all like good looking smartphone, we always will. I still love my S8. It’s still as satisfying to look at as it was. But the question is, Isn’t it the time we should be moving towards practicality too? 

I am leaving this question on you.


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