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CES 2022: Catch up on the new innovations here!

ifrah tasneem
2 years ago

The world's largest Consumer Electronics Show is going on in the US city of Las Vegas. Tech companies from all over the world are showcasing their products at this event. Many special innovative devices were displayed during this show so far. Some of them are of absolutely unique technology, which can be seen in the coming days. 

Wi-Fi Charging Echo Remote

In 2021, Samsung introduced the Echo Remote with a solar panel behind it. Samsung has now introduced a new Echo Remote equipped with a Radio Frequency Harvesting feature. The notable thing about this remote is that it can use radio waves like home Wi-Fi to charge itself. This new feature will keep the TV remote charging for the whole day. This remote includes a tiny antenna that allows it to capture Wi-Fi signals from a distance of up to 40 metres, even in dark rooms. Along with this, it includes a USB Type-C port to make it charge when there is no radio signal or sunlight.

Targus Find My Bag

If you tend to lose your bag a lot, then the new Targus Cypress Hero Backpack might be an option for you. This bag has a built-in location tracker and is equipped with Apple's Find My technology. If the bag is lost, users can find it using the Find My App. Not only this, if you lose your iPhone, you can press a button in the bag to ping the phone. The size of the backpack is large enough to store Apple's MacBook pro. It comes with a USB port and a rechargeable battery built inside the bag.

EarlySense InSight+

The speciality of the award-winning EarlySense InSight+ device is that it records health data while sleeping. For this, it uses InSight+ Sensing System. The InSight+ sensing pad is fitted under the mattress, capable of measuring sleep patterns with vital signs and movement of the patient. The data collected from the patients through the InSight+ sensor includes heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, respiratory rate variability, sleep stages, sleep trends, sleep scoring, overnight breathing patterns and body movement levels.

BCool Thermometer

These days the world is trying to fight Omicron. In such a situation, the use of thermometers has also increased. The product that caught particular attention in CES 2022 is the BCool smart thermometer from the health tech company Baracoda. This thermometer doesn't require a battery as it gets charged through a few shakes. After that, it requires the button to press in front of the forehead. The temperature reading is automatically sent to the BCool app.

1000 km in Single Charge

In the CES-2022, Mercedes-Benz has introduced its newly designed Vision EQXX concept car. The company claims that it will cover a distance of 1000 km on a single charge. The weight of this car is 1750 kg. The EQXX also gets a solar panel on its roof, extending its range up to 25 km. It has a new hyper screen equipped with 47.5-inch 8K OLED technology. It also has high-end smartTV technology. Mercedes said its EV drive system in the stylish concept automobile is 95% efficient, and it will use 6mi/kWh per 100 km. 

Health Monitoring SmartBulb A19

Every year some unique products are introduced at CES. By the way, smart-bulbs have been among us for a long time, which come with features like music, lighting and Bluetooth connectivity. However, Sengled has introduced a new Smart light bulb in the CES-2022 equipped with health tracking capabilities. This A19 bulb can track sleep with other biometric measurements such as heart rate, body temperature and other vital signs. Sengled gained the CES Innovation Award for this Smart Health Monitoring light with a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Mesh Dual chip.

Multi-sensor Security System

Arlo has unveiled its new Arlo Security System, recognized as a 2022 CES Innovation Award Honoree. It is a first of its kind all-in-one multi-sensor capable of eight different sensing functions that come with an integrated keypad and security hub. The speciality of the multi-sensor is that it can detect motion, door/windows opening, water leaks, light or temperature changes, T3 and T4 smoke/CO alarm patterns. The 1.1-inch wide multi-sensor can be placed anywhere without hard wiring. According to Tim Johnston, SVP of Product at Arlo, "We engineered the Arlo Security System to not only complete Arlo's ecosystem but to address pain points common with other solutions on the market".



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