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A latest leak reveals possibility of another OnePlus Nord Smartphone

Vikrant Gupta
2 years ago

OnePlus is going to launch its mid-range smartphone, OnePlus Nord, on July 21, it's official, and everybody knows about it, but today, we have come to know about the possibility of another OnePlus smartphone, which could launch alongside OnePlus Nord.

The latest information comes on courtesy of GeeekBench as recently posted benchmark entries, where OnePlus Nord is already known to carry a model no AC2003 over Geekbench. All AC2003, aka OnePlus Nord entries, have a unique lito tag as the motherboard, and a clock speed of 1.8Hz, which is in line with Snapdragon 765G Chipset. The latest listings have also revealed that AC2003 will feature a 12GB of RAM. 

But here comes the twist, there is another model no going alongside OnePlus Nord. The model has been marked as BE2028, and it comes with the same lito tag for a motherboard but different base clock speed. BE2028 specify a base clock speed of 1.71Hz and posts a significantly lower score than OnePlus Nord, but scored almost identical in the single-core test. The RAM in BE2028 is identified as 6GB. All this points to newer Snapdragon 690 Chipset, which makes for a perfect budget chipset for a budget-conscious market.

The whole thing goes more interesting, adding the fact that BE2028 model scores aren't searchable on Geekbench. This possible means that OnePlus is trying to hide these results. It could mean anything, maybe it was just an early prototype, or OnePlus is going to launch another smartphone alongside OnePlus Nord since Nord is not a smartphone but a series as stated over OnePlus official website. A single smartphone cannot justify a series tag.

Another possibility is that OnePlus is working on another smartphone, planned to be launched later this year alongside OnePlus T-Series, and since its too soon to make anything official, they are hiding geek bench score. Well, nothing is certain at this point, what's certain is the launch date, set to 10 days from today, which is likely when we'' ll come to know more about this anonymous BE2028 smartphone.


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