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This Image Wallpaper is reportedly bricking Android phones

Vikrant Gupta
3 years ago

We have heard about a lot of apps and softwares that can brick a smartphone or steal sensitive information from it, but today, we have come to know about wallpaper that reportedly bricks an android smartphone if used as wallpaper.

The users who have faced the issue have reported that this wallpaper doesn't completely brick a smartphone, but instead, it makes the smartphone go into a loop, where it keeps on switch off and switch on. 

Cause of soft-brick

The issue with the wallpaper seems to be with its color space. The reported wallpaper for android uses an RGB color space, while Android works around with an sRGB color space. The newer Android 11 is capable of handling RGB, but Android 10 is yet to be supported.

How to fix brick smartphone

If you've somehow installed this wallpaper and your phone has been softy bricked, you are left with only two options to recover your smartphone (This method is also used to detect third-party apps, which might be causing conflict with your system).

Process 1

  • Boot your smartphone in safe mode - you can google to find how to boot your smartphone in safe mode as the button combination varies with brand.
  • Browse through your gallery and delete that wallpaper, or choose some other wallpaper
  • Reboot your smartphone

Process 2

I'll recommend you try the above method first as it will protect your data, but if the above method hasn't worked for you then, you are left with only one choice that is to reset your smartphone.

  • Boot into the recover menu 
  • you can boot into recovery mode by long pressing volume down + power button together. If this method doesn't work for you, you can always do a quick google.
  • Navigate down to reset your device and click the power button. The smartphone will reset, once done, reboot your smartphone.

original image(don't use it) - Download


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