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The Ultimate PUBG Mobile guide | Road to Conqueror

Vikrant Gupta
4 years ago

Is this You?

Do you ever wonder how a random person in the Pubg can kill you so easily? Has this ever happened to you that the Pubg player who was supposed to be your prey, killed you in an instant, while you were busy in firing countless noneffective bullets? Is it Yes? Then you are in the right place.

Pubg mobile since its launch has gained a lot of hype across the world. It has been poked, announced toxic for growing minds, and was banned multiple times in the countries like India. But, the craze among youngsters doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. While the Pubg is quite easy to play and fun at lower leagues like bronze, silver, gold, and mid-platinum, things get composite, as you move beyond. And there is a proper reason behind it.

In upper leagues starting platinum-I, there are fewer bots, and opponents remain no more fresh rookies who used to play just for fun. They carry something more inside. They are like trained assassins equipped with a piece of proper knowledge about what they carry in the bag and their hands. They know about weapons, their damage, range, burst capabilities, stability, and late-game potential, and this is where they outshine you. They go up while you hopelessly crawl dawn. But things are going to change from today and afterward because you have somehow managed to hop into this article. So let's dive straight into it.

Which two Weapons to use in Pubg?

I won't be reinventing the wheel to answer this question. Meredith Wan at towardsdatacscience.com has conducted a whole study to find an answer to this question using python, and codes don't conclude false results. While his article is too complex to understand by someone who isn't a data scientist, it is full of facts and figures. But the good news is that I have de-coded that article. And the answer I concluded from his research is that we need a combination of two weapons with different stats. One should able to do high damage at a long-range, and the other one should have high burst capabilities, but how am I supposed to know which two to pick?

Role of AR in Pubg - the road to legends - Burst Damage

There are tons of weapons available in Pubg mobile, but one class of weapon your hands need to shed their dust off is AR's. The meaning of AR in Pubg is Assault Rifle. An AR is like a dog, the best faithful weapon in need. They have got everything you need to for a mass massacre. But, the problem is that there are a lot of ARs in the Pubg, and after recent updates, they have grown even more in numbers. So, Which AR to choose? Well, I have got an answer.

Best Early Game Assault riffle

I'll get straight into it, its DP-28. DP-28 is the best early game weapon to create havoc among other Pubg competitors. Damage of 51 per bullet (highest of all ARs), Good speed (715 m/s), best in class burst capability, and the best thing about DP-28 is its capacity to hold bullets. Its drum mag can hold 47 bullets at a time, so you can kill a lot of enemies before it runs dry. But unfortunately, the reloading time is where this gun sucks. It has a reload time of 7 sec, the reason why I don't advise this game late game. Long-range stability isn't ideal too.

Best Late game Assault rifle

Best late game Assualt rifle is a tie between two Assault riffles, Groza and M416. 

Groza is the best AR in Pubg mobile. Groza is hard to find as it is only available in airdrops, but it comes with more damage. It comes with high damage of 47 per bullet and a firing speed of 0.080s, which makes it a monster machine for close and mid-range combats. Groza is so efficient in late games that just two shots on the head can take down your enemy with level 3 helmet, but it comes with two downsides - considerable recoil and fewer attachments (only suppressor).

M4 is like a sleeping behemoth. It won't overwhelm you in the early game but feed it some attachments, and you'll see why I have picked M416 as the best AR of Pubg.

M416 is capable of equipping the largest no attachments in the game. M416 can equip a muzzle, a foregrip, a magazine(extended mag, quickdraw mag, or the best of both an extended-quickdraw mag), and a tactical stock. M416 has almost a zero recoil in the late game, and it's highly unlikely you'll miss a moving head with this gun.

Pubg Sniper Guide - High damage

There is a reason behind equipping a high damage Sniper along with the burst damage. It might not help you in the last moment of your game, but it will help you prepare for it. You can quickly eliminate players with a headshot using a good sniper. One-shot will stun the enemy forcing him to ask for help, and a fool team will quickly fall into the trap. So let's have a look at the best snipers of Pubg.

Best Early Game Sniper 

The best early game sniper is X Bow, Yes I know, you weren't expecting it, but that's how it is. Don't act like a rookie at this point. You need to understand that X-Bow has the highest damage of all Rifles in the early game. It damage equals AWM counting to 105, enough to one-shot enemies heads. Some might argue that X-Bow isn't even a qualified Sniper rifle, but the truth is either you accept it as a sniper or not, you need to give it a try. 

For just in case if you're the person who doesn't like using X-Bow, you can opt Kar 98 ( Karabiner 98 Kurz ).

Best Late Game Sniper

There is no best late-game sniper unless you manage to secure an airdrop or kill a person who took items from an airdrop. Coming to the snipers, AWM is unarguably the most lethal weapon of Pubg mobile. AWM is the best sniper of the Pubg. It's like X-Bow with a long-range and better aim. If you can secure an AWM, you can easily eliminate your enemies by following the strategy that I am going to explain.

Best Pubg Game Strategy

While I was on my way to conquerors, I have learned that there is no specific game strategy that will guarantee a win. There is a reason behind it too. Every person in the world is a different human with different genetics and a unique game accent, like fingerprints. So before I suggest any strategy, you need to ask yourself a question.

Who Am I?

Are you a marksman tank or a fighter? Before you choose, A marksman is a person who loves to fight behind his/her team's back. Useless in front fights, like a trained assassin who likes to eliminate enemies from the bush or distant far away. A tank person is the one who loves to initiate an attack, very good at running and survival. They attack hide, and grab enemies' attention, while a fighter person is the one who can quickly eliminate the enemies after his team's tank has initiated an attack. Are you done with the choice?

Ultimate Pubg Gameplay Guide

I'll start with marksmen. Marksmen need to make sure that they never stay at the mid of the zone for at least 75% of the gameplay. Stay just near the border of the zone at some high place and target enemies coming in the safe zone. For those who like to play from the mid, Stay inside the house and snipe your enemies.

Tanks players should focus on survivability, try to grab enemies' attention to the direction away from your team and hide, while your team clears misguided opponents.

Good fighter players are hard to find. Two good fighters in a team can easily secure a victory ( chicken dinner ). As a fighter, you are responsible for a quick massacre once the tank manages to successfully misguide enemies in the wrong direction.

Pubg Third Person (TPP) vs First-person perspective (FPP)

TPP vs FPP is a wide shoutout. For those who aren't aware, TPP means a third-person perspective where you see your game avatar as a third person like you see your friends or any particular individual, while FPP means the first-person perspective, where you cannot see yourself. You are the first person.

Both modes come with their pros and cons. so you'll need to actively switch in between to see better results.

Advantages of TPP

  • More FOV (field of vision) - more FOV means you can see more area around yourself
  • Better enemy detection and game sense.
  • Better bush play

Advantages of FPP

  • Better visibility, for example, you can zoom in without using a scope, or you can make your 2X work like a 2.5X simply by switching from TPP to FPP.
  • Better Tracking - Using FPP, you can effectively track your enemy's movement resulting in a better aim.
  • Better Sniping from Bush - Sometimes, the grass that hinders your scope visibility goes away using FPP.

Bonus Secret

Thre is one lethal weapon in the game that nobody uses in the lower leagues like gold, platinum, but is the most powerful weapon of the game - its Deagle. Deagle is a pistol that can do more damage than any AR available in the PUBG. Its two shots are enough to knock out any person in the game, and three shots are enough to take down a person with a level 3 vest.


Winning a Pubg battle isn't about a person himself. There's more to it. A good lineup composed of balanced players, likely - A tank player, two fighters and a marksman in a team can increase the chances of chicken dinner by up to 10 folds. But Hey! since now, you have the secret of conquerors, what are you waiting for? Share this article with your friends, make your perfect lineup, and spread some bullets on your way to the conquerors. Bye, see you there.


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