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LG Velvet announced in hope to Revive its dying Mobile Division

Vikrant Gupta
3 years ago

It's been a long time since LG has been trying to escort his Mobile division back to the rails, though nothing has worked for the South Korean giant yet, the latest announcement from the LG could possible be the ray of hope that LG's mobile division was long waiting for.

Today LG has announced the coming of its new mid-range smartphone - LG Velvet, which you can expect to debut in upcoming months featuring the new design language that LG has been proudly boasting for quite a long time now.

Velvet Design

The new design language from LG will mark a U-turn from its present smartphone architectural strategy, which is hopelessly inclined towards pushing the high-end specs inside old retrograded design. LG Velvet will feature a symmetrical body design with curves flowing smoothly through the frame. The recent leak of LG's design philosophy has also given us a clue about Velvet's camera setup. There will be a raindrop camera setup on the back of the smartphone with the separate circular cutouts for each camera arranged in the descending order of their girth.

LG Velvet Price and Specs

There is neither any information about the pricing of the upcoming Velvet nor a clue about its specification. Previous rumors have suggested the announcement of LG Velvet on May 15, which possibly could be the date when we will learn more about this upcoming mid-range smartphone.

Velvet means smooth and premium, and if there is one thing that could make the LG's mobile division back in the game is added quality and premiumness in its design language, which currently is nowhere near the offering by Samsung, OnePlus or Apple.



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